Brand Vibe

Your mark is used to further enhance your brand identity. Use it as a watermark, a stamp, or in instances where the main logo already appears elsewhere on the same design.







Your color palette should be used consistently to increase brand recognition.

Primary colors are the main colors used on your website and in graphics, while secondary colors act as accents, used more subtly in places like photography or accent art.

Color Palette

Poppins light (300)

Body copy. Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetur adipiscing elit. Integer suscipit vel arcu non blandit.

quiche sans Light

Intro sentences and short,
bold statements.

quiche sans light, all caps


poppins normal (400)


Your fonts have been carefully selected to work together, cover all use-cases, and provide flexibility in your brand designs. Using these fonts consistently will lead to increased brand recognition. Each font name is linked to where you can download or purchase that font.



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To ensure your continued success, we've pulled together a collection of links and training videos. 

Links + Training

The logos in your Brand Toolbox have been organized by file format in order to help you easily find what you need.

File Formats

All your logo versions and marks should be center-aligned to keep your brand looking polished, 


In order to keep all elements legible, your logo versions should not be used smaller than 2 in.


All branding elements should have plenty of 
“white space” or breathing room around all sides (we recommend at least 20% of the element's overall width). See diagram as an example.


These best practices will help your brand look professional & polished when in use.

Logo Usage